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Source Italian food products
and save money and time.

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Source Italian food products and save money and time.

Link S.r.l. collaborates with international purchase managers in identifying and sourcing Italian food products, both branded and private labels, which closely match the technical specifications required.

By partnering with Link, buyers will continue to ‘go directly’: in fact, the suppliers will invoice them, not us, unless differently required.

But dealing with suppliers through us, buyers will reap additional benefits, like:

  • When looking for a product: they will save time and money because they will benefit from our experience and a network of suppliers with proven reliability,
  • When managing the supplier: they can rely on a local independent partner whose focus is their business and how to protect it and make it grow, not the manufacturer’s sales or profits. And finally…
  • Our services are free for all buyers: we will not charge any fees for our cooperation.

We, Link S.r.l., are an independent company of Food Industry professionals with over 30 years of experience in the Italian Food sector and are based in Bologna.